Thursday, July 21, 2011

in the middle....

Part two...
SO, as I was saying,,, my friend Tina helped to motivate me. She competed in a fitness bikini show the beginning of April. Since the beginning of 2011 she had lost weight (fat) not sure how much but enough that everyone noticed and then added muscle... toning up! She looked amazing! This showed me that I (even though I don't want to compete) could at least get to my "pre-Tenley look" goal! What I learned from Tina is that is was going to take lots of hard work, but it was do-able!!
So, my UNREALISTIC goal for this "beefcake" girl was 120 by the end of July! (that was only a little over ten pounds,,, after already losing thirty pounds what's 10 more!??? )
Also, about the second week of April, another very helpful factor was when Tina, and I talked Cory into competing in the Denver show on June 4th! That was a huge help when he started eating clean, so did I! I keep track of my food on a food tracker journal on-line ( and I did sssoooo good! It was hard! VERY HARD! But, honestly it got easier! I will say doing it right along your spouse makes it much easier! All through May I kept eating clean, keeping my calories between 1,300-1,500 and I started getting more workouts in. After June 4th I came home from Denver realizing I needed to "change it up" because my body wasn't responding. This was a perfect time to kick it up a notch since I don't work in the summer! (Gotta love my teacher's schedule with summers off!) 

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