Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is this the end???

I started the Velocity diet (Vdiet) in June, for 28 days. This was a mostly all liquid diet- Superfood/vitamin shakes, protein shakes, flaxseed and a little natural peanut butter with one Healthy Solid Meal (HSM) a week. Again, my word for June was HARD! Yeah, it was not easy, but actually now that I look back on it, it wasn't bad! The Vdiet's therory is rapid body transformation that takes some serious dedication and no, it's not for everyone. What it did for me: ease of meal planning for myself,,, "Have shaker will travel" was my motto, it helped me get through a plateau, reduced the cravings for junk, a little fat lose and a little muscle gain. Now, ready for the honesty??? Here's what it didn't do: It didn't allow me to go out with my friends for dinner or a drink or eat dinner with my family, It didn't allow me to lose weight on the scale- and keep it off, and it didn't help my measurements to change,,, NOT even a tiny bit!
Here's what the scale did... I was a 125.7 the first day of the Vdiet. The scale was down, then up, up, then down (a pretty boring roller coaster really!) but on the 28th day I was 123.2 pounds~ So, a 2.5 pound lose in one month wasn't bad. Even though I really felt like I had worked harder than that, I thought, "hey, I'll take it!" However, by the 5th week frustration set in with the transition phase of the Vdiet (only change is I added in 1 HSM a day) the scale started going up FAST! In two and a half weeks after the 1st phase of the Vdiet I had gained it all back,,, yep, back up to 125.3 So, with extreme frustration I had my hubby do my measurements and photos just last night. I thought this would be helpful since I know the scale is NOT the only measure of sucess! All this hard work for the past six weeks and my measurements were ALL EXACTLY THE SAME! As I'm about to cry, all my poor husband can say is, "Well at least they didn't go up!"
NO, This is NOT the end... there's more to the story!  I know, it's getting too long. I know, my eyes are burning too, but you have to stay tuned to hear the "rest of the story!"

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