Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where have I been???

Well, I know I've chose to NOT write in my blog for almost a year... but where I've been is a good question... Just at work,,, home, the gym and running the kids here and there!!! Same ol' same ol'!!!
Here's the family update!

Tenley greatly enjoyed Jayne's and I think Jayne fell in love with Tenley, "Miss T!" We are blessed to have her! Even though she won't take the boys this fall on Friday's we are still staying with her because that will be best for Tenley!
Jett... he is 9.5, just finished his 3rd grade year and is trying so hard to be a big boy but yet he is still such a little kid! He is taking better care of his "pets" the Salamander and now he has a beta fish! He hopes to show us enough responsibility to get chickens next spring! Daddy needs to get working on that coop! Jett also has braces top and bottom which is changing the look of his face so much! I can't believe how grown up he looks and yes, very handsome!
Oakley,(7) almost 8 in Oct, who is ready for 2nd grade is however, not interested in being a big boy yet. He likes being a kid and is in no hurry to grow up! He's stinking cute but as always for him, a bit naughty! Speaking of braces, he starts the whole process with spreading his top jaw in September! yeah,,, another bill!

Tenley is a 14 month old, walking, talking wild maniac monkey girl! That pretty much sums it up for her! Oh, did I mention she is stinking cute like her brothers!?

Cory has been busy with work. He just returned from an 18 day work get-away in NV. He hopes to get out one more time before summer is over to get some extra money in the savings!

And now to ME!!! I am not doing any of my regular hobbies,,, NO time to read, scrapbook or nap... NOPE! Instead I just WORKOUT!!! oh yeah! Insanely, usually 2 sometimes 3 times a day! I have been working very hard on getting myself in shape and back into my pre-Tenley cloths!!! I guess you could say I am there but not ready to stop! Even though it has been a lot of hard work and I know maintaining this size will be tough I am ready to see where I can go with this. So, I am about to dedicate this blog, starting tomorrow, to my Fitness goals! So, tune in tomorrow for the whole story!!!

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